Attention Wellness Entreprenur:
Fill your client roster using my webinar funnel blueprint that gives you a proven checklist you need to complete your webinar funnel without getting overwhelmed by tech even if you lacked the willpower in the past so you can:
  • Attract leads that match your ideal client profile--leads you love to work with 
  •  Fill your client roster by converting those leads to clients through workshops & webinars that make a lasting impact 
  •  Add value & build trust so you can become a leader in your space without chasing vanity metrics
  •  Use a webinar funnel as a powerful lead magnet for the done-for-you program you purchased--every time!
Did you know that the research is saying that on average about 42% of people who register for a webinar attend the webinar? But, it gets even more impressive: 20-40% of those who watch the webinar become qualified leads for your business. The high conversions come from the power of engagement that a webinar gives--you have the potential to build trust & authority very quickly while providing immense value to your ideal clients. No other freebie lead magnet comes close.
No Time for Anything
You waste time on strategies that don't work (like endless social media posts), but know that your time is better spent following a plan...yet you lack direction.
Empty Client Roster
You want to use webinars to fill your client roster but you feel confused & overwhelmed…too many options, foreign words, where to start, how to start.
Stress & Exhaustion
You are driven by your soul's purpose, but marketing is sucking the life out of you. You see others using webinars successfully, but don't understand how they do it.
  • GUIDEBOOK: My 19 page Webinar Conversion Strategy Recipe guidebook that you can use to create your own online workshop funnel
  •  ROADMAP: A roadmap enabling you to finally master your webinar funnel & get leads that I used to build my own webinar (inside the Webinar Conversion Strategy Recipe Handbook). PS: My training came from a personalized webinar coaching from Julie Stoian herself who now works with Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels (you know, the master webinar builder?). 
  • WEBINAR FUNNEL MAP: Webinar funnel map so you can visualize the cycle and customize your own webinar funnel (also included inside)
  •  CONFIDENCE: A detailed breakdown that gives you a step by step list of tasks so you can schedule each webinar section accordingly. This method breaks the webinar building process into micro sections so you can finish one section at a time without feeling confused or overwhelmed. It can also be used if you have a VA or are hiring a contractor to help you as it provides actionable deliverables. 
To discover how this one-time offer will help you create your webinar or workshop with confidence so you can fill your client roster, click below to get instant access (VALUED AT $297, BUT FREE TODAY)

Sinead Quinn Biskup says:

When I first reached out to Lana to work on my business I was completely unsure of what I needed to build a business online or via Social Media. I was of the school of thought that if my instagram and Facebook accounts were done correctly it would all work and suddenly I would have clients. Lana taught me there was so much more involved in building an online business brand. From the get go she blew me away with her professional approach and her passion. She is so engaged and passionate about her clients that often I felt like I wasn’t actually paying her enough.  She also made me see the light and pushed me past my comfort zone - which isn’t easy to do, and has set me up for success with the reality of what I need to do to grow. There are no magic potion promises that wont deliver with Lana. It is the truth and passion all the way. Which I love!  I look forward to working with her again because I will hire her again in a flash.

Neelam Rai says:

I would give 10 star if there was one. I am so lucky to have found you. Pure perfection ! Lana-
the founder, is an embodiment of professionalism with warmth & compassion for Heart-Centered business like mine. I recently integrated my Healing and Spiritual Coaching programs for my unique clients. Lana, you brought my life time experiences and vision to life and create a seamless user experience. I love my Virtual Meditation room on my website and have received great reviews. I don't need to look anymore for my marketing needs and can confidently focus & guide other lighter- workers and coaches with my Holistic services. I highly recommend it. Love & light.
To get in touch with me, please email me at • Copyright © 2018 • INTROSPEC MARKETING • All Rights Reserved
To get in touch with me, please email me at • Copyright © 2018 INTROSPEC MARKETING • All Rights Reserved